auto loans for the self employed with bad credit 5 things to do to get funded

Being self-employed for some people means working out of a home office with little need for a car on a regular basis. But for most other people who work for themselves, having access to a set of wheels is essential for making money. Whether the nature of the work be laying sprinkler pipe or selling shoes or involves running a home Internet marketing business, for most self-employed people owning a car is not just an option - it is a requirement.
One key obstacle to qualifying for an auto loan is that of having a bad credit score. Yes, if there is one thing that can easily get in between a self-employed person and qualifying for an auto, it is having a low credit score (below 600).
Fortunately, there are options for people who need to qualify for a low-interest auto loan fast. If you are looking for auto loans for the self-employed with bad credit, here are 5 things to do to get funded:
1. Prepare a record of your current and past employment history:
When your credit score is not strong, an auto loan lender who specializes in working with bad credit individuals is going to have to look at other aspects of your financial and employment history to determine your credit-worthiness. While there is no one, single formula that will translate into your getting funded, it will be a feather in your cap if you can prepare documentation of your past/recent employment history. The more details regarding company names, dates and salary data you have the better.